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Are You A Chemical Engineer ?
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As a chemical engineer graduate or a professional, you may know the huddles to reach a fruitful career. it’s ok that someone tried hard and get placed in PSU’s, but everyone can’t do the same. Many of the time it seems to be pharma is the one and only option. Even the chemical engineers are less, because of the number of opportunities we are still facing a struggle. If you ever tried to search for a job of a chemical engineer or a process engineer role on any website? the answer is yes. But have you ever observed are you matching the technical abilities or not? 

Especially when it comes to the simulation software. How good you are in any chemical engineering software?

chemical engineer
aspen hysys

Aspen HYSYS Training Program
At It's Best With Aahrya.

Hope you understand where you are going wrong. Yes! You should have the knowledge of simulation software for better career growth or to shift to the process field. Aspen Hysys is the best chemical engineering software that will show you the new dimensions of learning. You are not called a process engineer until you have knowledge of simulation software.

Why aspen hysys?

Do you know? Many of the industrial problems became easy when simulations came into the picture, As IoT is increasing its demand, do you think the production field still have growth? It’s the right time for you to learn chemical engineering simulation software.

Aaharya Technologies is providing a world-class training program on aspen hysys for undergraduates and for professionals. Even if you don’t know anything about the software, and even if you don’t have much chemical engineering knowledge, still it’s ok.  We are providing a platform where you can simultaneously balance both concepts and tools at a time. More than 10,000 students around the world get benefited from this program.

Excellent teaching skills by Shivaji sir, He can understand practical difficulty by students and give easy solutions for it.
it was really a good experience with aaharya technologies. They provided me a excellent platfrom to learn and gain enough knowledge in chemical process design.
Nilesh M. Salunkhe
Production in charge at Greenjoules pvt.ltd
Teaching is going good. Got to learn a lot.. from scratch in aspen.
Manager at JSW cement ltd
I have 7 years of experience in process and project; now working in UPL ltd. Your teaching skill is really good. Good content for lectures and always well prepared and explanation are very lcear
Javed Shaikh
Process manager