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Aspen Tutorial For Beginners Chemical Engineering In India 2020

In the previous blog post you read about the best aspen hysys program in India by Aharya Technologies. And now in this blog post we will take a deep dive into main elements of  the Aspen Hysys program.

Importance of streams in Aspen Hysys

There are two kinds of streams present in aspen hysys interface. One is a material stream and the other one is an energy stream. Material streams are nothing but  streams having the information of processing fluid. In any process industry or in a chemical system that major thing that is happening is the change of state. In aspen hysys the change of state can be identified in between to consecutive material streams, no matter whether it has unit operations in between or not.

And the data that materials streams are having is phenomenal, the major action of fluids packages are driven in the material streams itself. And it will be helpful to find out the curves data for any composition, at any process conditions. that will help to resolve the distillation column simulation problems. If you define the four variables of a material stream that is good enough to find remaining all values of fluid at a particular defined state.

And remember not to think that material streams carry only the data related to process fluid. Infact process fluid of any process depends on the relative index of the user, like the concept of relative velocity. Sometimes material streams work as an energy stream. Let’s consider a reactor where an exothermic reaction is going on. If it’s an exothermic reaction the temp will increase with respective time. If the reaction is not favourable at high temperatures we have to remove the temperature continuously by giving some colling media. At that time the cooling media is not a process fluid but its a material stream to help remove the energy from the reactor. This is the once situation where material streams are working like energy streams.

But when you are trying to operate the equipment like a pump, compressors, we must and should have to go for energy streams that are available in model pellets. At the time those energy streams are considered as electric inputs to the system. And when you are expected to do thermodynamic modeling of simulation most of the time we will replace the heat exchangers with coolers and heaters. At that time also we will go for energy streams in order to simplify the simulation.

The utility cost is one of the major concerns in a process industry because it occupies 70% of operating cost. So understanding the behavior of the process is very much important to optimize the energy consumption without disturbing the process conditions at any cost. Because at the end the process is very important.

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