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As a chemical engineer, you may know about Aspen Hysys. You were here to learn something more about Aspen Hysys? Then you are in the right place. Even if you don’t know anything about it, even now, you are in the right place


Aspen Hysys is one of the leading chemical engineering simulations software. Around the world, Many chemical engineers use this software. Many MNC companies use this software for their BEP(Basic engineering package), FEED(Front end engineering design), Sometimes by using supporting software like EDR we can look for detailed engineering designs also with optimum results.

Why did Aspen Hysys get that much of a specialty? Even though we have a lot of other software like ChemCAD, Aspen Plus, etc.. Have you ever thought about it?  You are a chemical engineer.  Right? You have to question everything. Aspen Hysys is very user friendly, the interface that Aspentech developed for this is amazing. It guides you for the simulation every second. the accuracy, the tools available for software are phenomenal. Because of all this reason,  the first choice is Aspen Hysys. You know very well, once the organization gives the preference to a tool or software, as an employee, you should understand it. It will open new doors for opportunity, growth. If you ask me to say that in a single sentence, it will show you the dimensions of learning in your professional career.

I am working on software for the last six years of my professional career. One thing that I liked most is that the procedure you adopt for the learning or simulation will help you to understand the behaviors of the remaining software of chemical engineering.

Aaharyatechnologies Private Limited (OPC) Training Program.

We are providing the world best training on aspen hysys in india. Aspen hysys playing an important role in chemical engineers career, by keeping this in mind aaharya designed its syllabus which can be helpful for both beginners and as well as to experts. And the syllabus designed by the major process engineers around india.

aspen hysys

Especially in 2020, things are not going good. So we bring the learning to the online platform. We are teaching most emerging technologies in chemical engineering. Here you can check some of those important concepts.

Play The Below Videos. See What Learners Are Saying About Our Aharya’s Aspen Hysys Training Program

25 thoughts on “Best aspen hysys online training program in india 2020”

  1. Vyankatesh Potdar

    Nice teaching.. Having great command on Aspen. It starts from Basic of Aspen hysys. Covers all points. Thank you

  2. Very important training for getting hired in Design companies. Ideal course structure with proper guidance. Efficient trainer having good knowledge in both the interface and subject.

    1. Trainer teaching skills are good. Having good command on technical and aspen also. Very useful training for designing and simulation related jobs. As per my view case studies explanation also useful for gaining practical knowledge.

  3. This course by Mr. Sivaji is very interesting & comfortable. The way he address the concepts from very basics to advance level is remarkable. I am enjoying simulation & i would recommend this course as immediate fruit in these times to make best out of you as chemical engineer.

  4. It is very Useful program for those how are interested in designing. It is not just a training course it is a good interaction session. Even beginners can join because training is from very basic stage. Best trainer with sound Knowledge in aspen. Very useful course … I suggest everyone to join.

  5. Hi,
    The teaching style of Shivaji Sir is very unique and good, all the methods, unit operations in Aspen Hysis are are well explained.
    This course will definitely add advantage to your knowledge and resume accompaning your own efforts.

  6. This course has helped me to understand interface of ASPEN HYSIS as well as many approaches which are actulally required while solving chemical engineering problems using ASPEN HYSIS. The sessions were really very interactive.

  7. The training programme is well organised and the faculty is taking the course in a very professional manner with emphasis on each and every individual.Each member is looked after and the sessions are quite helpful bcoz of their interactive nature .

  8. The couse is well designed and user friendly. It revises the previous concepts. Has both basic and advance problems.

  9. Sudhakara Rao Patibandla

    It is the best Hysys Simulation Training programme by Aaharya Technologies. All the main topics are covered like Distillation, Absorption, Refregiration,Crude distillation, Reactors(Conversion/equilibrium), heat exchanger, Compressors, Pumps, Case studies and developing Hysys PFD for various manufacturing Processes. The best thing is recalling all the basics during the training and completing the assignments.

  10. Kolli Durga Prasad

    Good experience with Aaharyatechnologies training program. The way of teaching and explanation of concepts are very nice.

  11. Those chemical engineers who aspire to make career in Process engineering, Designing, TSD, must go for this online Aspen Hysis class.Teaching starts from basic and covers most of the unit operations, equipments etc. Coach has in-depth knowledge and teaches good with passion. Importantly the course fees are very low and affordable to even students.
    Every chemical engineer must go for it.

  12. Amazing program covering all the basic topics that one needs when you start off with a simulation software. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient to answer your questions.

  13. Best training program, for a beginner like me in aspen Hysys it cover all fundamental aspects.
    Overall a great experience

  14. If you are a continuous learner or want to grow in your career, then this course is for you. Effective teaching start from basics of software interface with interactive sessions and affordable price.

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